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IASA has been one of the main suppliers of cabinets and racks in the Mexican market. A lot of the telephone booths and cabinets that have allowed the development of telecommunications technologies in Mexico have passed through our factories.

Our cabinets are developed in a special way for each project using the latest technology and materials that prevent deterioration by the environment by ensuring the seal, cooling and efficient operation of internal equipment, adapting to the needs of each place.

In addition our cabinets have the latest security hardware and alarms to protect equipment as well as a variety of anchoring systems.

We develop tailor-made products, starting from design to installation and start-up, if required.

Our Products

Outdoor cabinets

Indoor cabinets and racks


Custom products

Our products are manufactured in CRS, aluminum or stainless steel in natural finishing, or electrostatic painting. In addition, the products can have ventilation equipment, air conditioning, batteries, power plants, rectifiers, thermal insulation, alarms, safety fittings and fastening systems for different applications.
All our products are mechanically and electrically tested, as well as in rainy conditions, noise emission and operating temperatures. Our approval tests are certified by CIDEC in our factory.

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Our Services

IASA has a service area that is responsible for the installation and start up of cabinets when the client so requires, in addition to maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning of both IASA equipment and other national and international manufacturers.

We have specialized technicians throughout Mexico so it can attend to extensive installation programs maintaining a homogeneous quality guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers.

With the vision of having a continuous operation, extending the life of your equipment and thanks to the national presence of our highly trained staff, our clients have deposited in us through annual contracts, the responsibility of executing preventive maintenance to ensure the correct operation, as well as anticipate the repair of equipment with potential short-term failures.

We currently cover an installed base of more than 5,000 locations throughout the Mexican Republic performing at least two annual maintenance services to each equipment cabinet installed in our clients’ locations.

If a fault occurs anywhere in Mexico, our staff is trained and equipped to do the detection of the cause through a thorough diagnosis, give an immediate solution, and if necessary, schedule additional attention to solve the root of the problem

If the failure puts at risk the complete operation of the equipment, we have the flexibility and logistics to assist and solve in a few hours.

We receive your request 24/7 and provide remote support, if required.