Innovation and building design

Plaza Altabrisa Mérida

  • Plaza Altabrisa Mérida

Location: Mérida, Yucatán.

Remodeling date: 2019


  • Wavy facade: 1,654.66m2
  • Smooth facade: 5,583.36m2

Plaza Altabrisa is a shopping center located in Mérida Yucatán, inaugurated in 2009, which thanks to its location and variety of stores, has managed to position itself as one of the busiest malls in the city.

In 2019 the sopping mall began a remodeling process in order to remain a leader and benchmark of the city, which included interior remodeling and a radical change in the facade, which seeks to project a modern and attractive image to visitors.

IASA participated in the design proposal with the client and carried out the engineering, manufacturing and installation.

The architectural intent to simulate the movement of waves vertically which, interspersed and with different heights, grow and decrease throughout the façade until they become smooth.

To achieve this, unitized modules of different sizes were designed, corrugated and smooth, which were manufactured at our plant in Naucalpan and shipped already assembled ready to install. These modules were installed on the existing façade through a pre-fabricated custom adjustable substructure for each zone of ​​the building.

One of the most important challenges was the engineering and manufacturing of adjustment modules, which had to be done one by one when most of the installation was done to achieve a tailored and quality finish.

Some sections of the plaza with existing windows required to maintain the passage of light, however, in order not to break the continuity of the new façade design, custom perforated modules were designed which include oblong perforations that increase in density upon reaching the area of ​​windows and gradually decreasing when moving away.

The finish of the facade is in PPC, resistant to corrosion and in a metallic tone that gives the project a modern air.

Additionally, new Oxford gray louvers were added to the frills over the existing stores.